Monday, 30 July 2012

Custom Cub Burnout (literally)

I followed this build from the start on the C90club forum

This happened on it's debut ride out yesterday. Gutted for 

you Aaron......

P.S. Watch how many sportsbike/power rangers just ride 


Bruskey Honda Run, Co Cavan 29/7/2112

My first ride out for a while. I took to the back roads on my 40 mile journey to the meet and I didn't manage to get lost once :) It only drizzled a little but the black clouds were looming.

There were 77 bikes in total in all shapes and sizes including quads, trikes, minibikes, pitbikes and even some  off road bikes. There were even kids taking part. Lots of illegality going on today. Not sure how I feel about it......

Got caught in heavy rain most of the way home however, mysteriously, the journey home was quicker.....

All and all it was good day and good to see the old faces again :)

Total mileage for day 135 mostly wet miles

Friday, 13 July 2012

Rhayader 2012

Some of my favourite photos of the Rhayader 2012 Weekender. These photos and more can be found on C90club and cubchat (uk).