Monday, 25 June 2012

Threemilehouse Honda Run, Monaghan 24/6/2112

Good fast run today. The run was a mix of big bikes and small and was too fast for some cub riders. I found it hard going at times myself. The sun shone all day which was good considering it has rained for almost a week before. In all there were about 40 cubs and 40 big bikes.

We had a great feed afterwards and I won a free meal for two at a posh hotel in the raffle. Also I received a trophy for 'the best honda 70'  by default as I was the only 70 there. :-)

Pictures courtesy of Whizzy Lizzie ;)

Me leading 3 C90s...(The third is Lizzy with the camera)

Whizzy Lizzy whizzes past all of us :(  Lol.

Lizzy's bike won best C90 :)

Uk road tax £18

Road tax ROI €62



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